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4 Staple Wardrobe Pieces

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Some wardrobe pieces will forever be a classic, especially since fashion is recycled. Do your closet a favor and spice it up with these must have essential staple pieces.


-White Button Down

Behold, the  all-rounder effortless piece. I absolutely love a high functional versatile piece as they can be paired with many outfits to serve looks. The ability to switch from casual to business to happy hour within a few seconds is everything. A white button down gives that ability. Pieces > items any day. You may be wondering what’s the difference. Pieces are essential, a staple, and offers versatility. 




Camis, joggers, hoodies, T-shirts, leggings, and more, Forever21 and https://www.nakedwardrobe.com/ offers some of the best selections. My favorite thing about basics is the comfort while looking cute. Basics are good for just about any season and style preference.



-Neutral Colors

“Black cards, black cars, all black everything” Jay – Z

When in doubt think black. Perfect for any occasion, black is one of those colors that anyone can pull off. When I go shopping I automatically opt for the black if it’s an option, I didn’t realize this until I noticed my closet was more than 50% black. But, lucky for me that means easy pairing.

Once upon a time my favorite color was green until a few years ago when I fell in love with a clean aesthetic. Neutral colors are a must! So easy to style there’s almost no thinking required. Nudes, Browns, White, Grey, sand, ivory, cream, olive, khaki,  etc.


-Blocked Heels

Like a little black dress your wardrobe isn’t complete without a blocked heel. Blocked heels are the training wheels on your first bicycle before you become fully confident in going solo! The best thing is the accessibility. Blocked heels can be found pretty much anywhere shoes are sold.

They add style, flair, height, and comfortability.


No matter your style your closet will definitely have space for these pieces and thank you too!

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